Nu-Prep 100 Tongkat Ali 60 Capsules


    Nu-Prep 100 Tongkat Ali is made from a standardized Tongkat Ali extract that is water soluble, freeze-dried, patented in the US and Europe and is sold under the trademark name of Physta. Scientifically prepared to Enhance Men’s Health and Vitality.

    Dosage: 2 capsules a day after breakfast or lunch.

    Ingredients: Radix Eurycoma longifolia 100mg

    Contra Indication: There are no known contraindications. However, if in doubt of the suitability of this product, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking the product.


    Nu-Prep 100 Tongkat Ali is a premium brand of water soluble Tongkat Ali root extract, produced by a unique technology that has been patented to obtain perfect bioactive components for good health. Among the bioactive ingredients are phenolics, tannins, high molecular weight polysaccharides, glycoproteins and mucopolysaccharides. These water-soluble bioactive ingredients are found to be able to increase optimal testosterone levels.

    The technology is patented through a cooperation between the Malaysian Government and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA) (US Patent: 7132117, EU Patent: 1313491). This patent is now exclusively licensed to the Biotropics Malaysia Berhad group.

    Nu-Prep 100 Tongkat Ali was also subjected to 14 studies and 21 human clinical toxicology studies to determine the safe and effective dosage for various health problems. The study included athletes, professionals who were “stressed”, and the elderly.

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