Kordel’s Kid’s Multivitamin Plus Lysine 30 Tablets


    Kordel’s Kid’s Multivitamin Plus Lysine is formulated to provide your child with the daily requirements of vitamins essential for his/her growth and development. In addition, L-lysine helps improve appetites especially among picky eaters. Kordel’s Kids Multivitamins + Lysine also contains vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyes, vitamin D3 for strong, healthy bones and teeth, and the B vitamins to keep your child active and energetic.

    Children need proper nutrition every day for healthy growth, repair, energy and immune protection. Studies have shown that the right combination of multivitamins can help improve a child’s nutritional status and cognition. Studies have also shown that a lack of appetite may lead to a reduction in nutrient intake, resulting in poor growth and improper achievement of developmental milestones. This can be rectified with an intake of lysine which improves appetite and promotes proper intake of nutrients and calories in children.

    Kordel’s Kids Multivitamins plus Lysine can help:

    • Improve appetite
    • Support growth
    • Boost nutritional status
    • Maintain general health

    Direction for Use: Chew or suck 1 – 2 tablets a day

    Ingredients: Vitamin A 2500iu, Vitamin C 30mg, Vitamin D3 200iu, Vitamin E 10iu, Vitamin B1 0.5mg, Vitamin B2 0.5mg, Vitamin B3 6mg, Vitamin B6 1mg, Folic acid 200mcg, Vitamin B12 3mcg, Biotin 150mcg, Vitamin B5 5mg, L-Lysine 100mg

    Contra Indication: There are no known contraindications. However, if in doubt of the suitability of this product, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking the product.


    Kordel’s Kid’s Multivitamin Plus Lysine

    Some children are picky eaters, while some others just seem to lack appetite. In instances like these, Kordel’s Kid’s Multivitamin Plus Lysine may help your child meet their nutritional requirements.

    Kordel’s Kid’s Multivitamin Plus Lysine is a multivitamins supplements specially formulated for children. It contains a high dose of lysine (100mg) helps to improve appetite, and thus promotes proper intake of nutrients for optimal growth in children. The tasty, chewable orange flavored tablets are the source of essential nutrients that are vital for your children’s health.

    Ideas to get kids to eat up!

    • Make fruit more exciting with a fruit slaw. Cut apple, firm mango, peaches and plums into fine matchsticks, add a few blueberries and toss together with a little lime juice. Serve in tubs.
    • Swap the tuna mayonnaise in their sandwiches for tinned mackerel or salmon mixed with mayonnaise – these will provide a higher amount of essential omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Freeze berries, banana slices or grapes before packing into containers – they will defrost by lunchtime but keep the lunchbox cool.
    • Instead of a sandwich, give them a little tub of houmous with blanched broccoli, raw carrot, red pepper or cucumber sticks for dipping

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