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    Kordel’s Ginkgo Biloba 2500 is a stabilised extract from the leaves of the Ginkgo, the world’s oldest living tree species. It is used to improve blood circulation and for general health.

    Direction for Use: Adults and children over 12 years-Take 1 capsule (vegecap) daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Not suitable for children 12 years of age.

    Ingredients: Gingko biloba leaf extract dry concentrate stand (Equivalent approximate Ginkgo biloba leaf dry 2500mg) (Equivalent approximate 24% Flavonglycosides 6% Ginkgolides and Bilobalides) 50mg

    Contra Indication: Due to Ginkgo Biloba’s PAF-inhibiting action, those with blood-clotting disorders should take extra caution and consult a doctor prior to consuming this supplement.


    Kordel’s Ginkgo Biloba 2500mg

    Ginkgo biloba is a stabilized extract from the leaves of the ginkgo tree, the world’s oldest living tree species. Ginkgo biloba helps improve circulation and relieve symptoms caused by poor circulation, such as cold hands and feet, memory problems and tinnitus.



    Kordel’s Ginkgo Biloba 2500mg contains two groups of active ingredients, the ginkgo flavone glycosides and the terpene lactones (also known as ginkgolides and bilobalides). These active ingredients are responsible for ginkgo’s ability to inhibit platelet aggregation (a process which can block blood vessels and cause heart attacks or strokes). Inhibiting platelet aggregation can improve circulation throughout the body, including to the brain and extremities. Improved circulation leads to an increase in blood and oxygen supply to the cells.

    Nerve Protection

    Platelet activating factor (PAF) is a mediator released from cells that causes platelets to aggregate. High amounts of PAF are associated with damage to nerve cells and poor blood flow to the central nervous system. Ginkgolides and bilobalides are able to inhibit the PAF and exert a protective effect on nerve cells, thus protecting the central nervous system. They also protect nerve cells from damage during periods of ischaemia (lack of oxygen to tissues in the body). This effect is helpful for those who have suffered strokes.

    Memory and Mental Function

    Studies have shown that Kordel’s Ginkgo Biloba 2500mg is effective in helping to improve memory and alertness. At Whittington Hospital in London, researchers examined the benefits of Ginkgo biloba extract on patients aged 50 and above who showed signs of memory impairment. They found that Ginkgo extract had a beneficial effect on mild to moderate memory loss, and also improved brain function. A separate study demonstrated that supplementation with 120-240mg of Ginkgo biloba extract over a period of three to six months significantly improved cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

    Antioxidant Properties

    The antioxidant properties of Kordel’s Ginkgo Biloba 2500mg are due to valuable flavonoids contained in its leaves. The brain is particularly susceptible to attacks from free radicals, a major factor in many ageing-linked conditions such as poor memory and dementia. Many studies have indicated that Ginkgo biloba is a powerful scavenger of free radicals and is able to relieve symptoms of mental deterioration. Ginkgo biloba-treated patients who completed a 52-week trial showed vast cognitive improvements, a result not found in the untreated group.

    Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

    Ginkgo biloba extract can be particularly helpful for vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).


    PAF is also associated with bronchial constriction, which is typical in asthma patients. By inhibiting PAF, Kordel’s Ginkgo Biloba 2500mg may have a therapeutic role in the management of asthma. One study reported a reduction in the severity and frequency of asthma attacks with ginkgo biloba supplementation.


    Ginkgo biloba can be used for various conditions including:

    • poor memory
    • coldness and tingling sensation in the extremities (tips of hands and feet)
    • lack of concentration
    • headaches, vertigo or dizziness
    • tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
    • asthma
    • circulatory disorders
    • impotence
    • dementia, Alzheimer’s disease

    Adverse Effects

    Due to Ginkgo biloba’s PAF-inhibiting action, those with blood-clotting disorders should take extra caution and consult a doctor prior to consuming this supplement.

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